Sunday, August 19, 2007

A little past Pittsburg

We survived Chicago. We even got out of there unscathed.

Brenda took a few pictures as we were leaving. Here's one of the skyline and the other was of Cominski Park.

We definitely found out why it's a good idea to bring the walkie-talkies. While leaving town, the exit to I-80 from I-90 was a single lane. We didn't realize this until we were almost to the off ramp. Cars were merging and we were running out of time. Well, Matt got his van in the line and radioed our van to tell us to get in front. Worked like a charm!
The best way to sum up the day was...WET!

It rained all day. We heard about Rochester, wow. Thanks to our neighbors, Scott and Janet! We really appreciate your help. We hadn't really planned on August being wet...who knew!

Mom & Dad...thanks for caring too!

Tomorrow, we head to the beach. Next stop is Hampton. We will need to navigate our way past D.C. Hopefully we hit the Capital between traffic jams. D.C. traffic can really suck.

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