Thursday, August 23, 2007

Water Country

We spent the day at Water Country today. It's very similiar to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells, but this place is more kid friendly. It is mandatory that younger kids wear life vests on the rides, which is very cool. All the kids were pretty worn out by the end of the day.

The best ride there was the Hubba-Hubba Highway. It's like a lazy river, but on steroids! There are jets that create a current in the river that speed up the flow of traffic. Instead of tubes, everybody just straps on a life vest and floats around in the current. It's very cool! Ashlea was showing off her swimming skills and Colin was loving the water. Wish we would have had the camera with, but unfortunately we did not...
Since the kids were tuckered out and Brenda, Tracy and the Grandparents were fishing, Tim and I decided to venture into Willaimsburg to look for an Internet cafe of somesort, and boy did we find one. The whole city offers free wi/fi to its guests in the downtown area. We are sitting outside on a beautiful night...

Here's a pic of Colin's first trip to the ocean. He was a bit scared of the water, but he loved the sand!!!


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